Twenty-Four Hours a Day: Recovery Meditations App Reviews

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Use daily

Nice clean interface, could use a single extra line of white space after the prayer of the day section.


...for this wonderful app. Great to start your day with.

Very religious

As a Christian AA person, I dont have a lot of trouble with the content of this app, but I feel it would be too overtly religious for some who reject traditional Christianity and are struggling to find a Higher Power they could trust in.

24 hrs a day

Im a recovering food addict. Nice to know that all my fellows do the same reading and meditation everyday. Love this little book ap!

24 hours

Vert Good ,easy to acced anywhere we are.

Quick and simple

Use it next to my bed every morning


I use the 24 hour book everyday, helps me stay focused on what is important on my life.

Hazelden is awesome

Perfect for keeping your program with you wherever you may be.


I love this easily accessible app! Keeps my program strong....everyday!


Very helpful

I couldnt ask for more

I couldnt ask for more

24 hours (one day at a time )

I look forward to this every day. Keep it going.

Hazelden thought for the day

Helps me a lot.

Can I have a bookmark please???

Great book i love the content but the app unfortunately cant bookmark any pages, so if you have to remember the days you like and then search or flip back thru all the days...please make it possible to bookmark!

24 Hour

The BEST why to start each and every day. Keep my head on my shoulders.

A Good Message Each Day

This is a great app. It helps me reflect and keep calm every day.


Its helped me a lot!


Its the only way to start having a good day!

Excellent app

Lots of recovery here- never ever crashes and I can email the daily thought if I like it!

Great readings

Great daily readings. Ive had the little black book for years its great to have it on the phone. Keeps me thinking clearly when lifes terms dont make sense.

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